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Top-Op Manaka Raisins Large 100gm



Top Op Manaka is 100gm pack of good quality Manaka or Mannaka or Manaka Raisins Large which is Dehydrated or Dried Grapes. Manaka considered very healthy in Indian Medicine or Ayurveda and given in the diet for recovery after Chronic Illness and helps gain weight.

It has high amount of natural Sugars like Sucrose and glucose.  Thus can be used in Deserts and other foods or as a topping.  It is also rich in Calcium and micro-nutrient Boron, which strengthens Bone and Teeth.

It is said to have Catechin, an anti-oxidant and Kaempferol, flavonoid which helps decrease growth of Cancerous Colon Tumors.  It has many other useful natural minerals and nutrients.

Not recommended for people with Diabetes.

We also have Patanjali Munnaka Raisins as well in Stock.

Product of Pakistan.




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Top-op Manakka Raisins Large
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