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Himalaya Abana 60 tablets for Cholestrol



Key Ingredients-
Arjuna (Arjuna) is a potent hypo-lipidemic (reduction of lipid concentration in the blood), responsible for reducing total cholesterol and triglyceride levels, thereby helping in the management of atherosclerosis (fatty deposits along the artery walls). As a cardio protective, the herb prevents oxidative damage to the heart and helps stabilizes blood pressure.

Indian Bdellium
Indian Bdellium (Guggul) effectively lowers triglyceride levels, total cholesterol levels and free fatty acid levels, through liver lipolysis (the breakdown of lipids in the liver), increased fecal bile acid excretion, inhibiting the biosynthesis of hepatic cholesterol (production of cholesterol in the liver) and inhibiting the oxidation of LDL.

Patanjali’s Hridyamrit Vati is also similar herbal Ayurvedic Medicine we have stock.

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Himalaya Abana 60 tablets for Cholestrol
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