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Vaidyaratnam NarsimhaRasayanam 350gm



Vaidyaratnam Narsimharasayanam also known as Narsimha Rasayan is an Ayurvedic herbal Rasayan or Tonic.  Its an excellent nourishing Aphrodisiac, increases Strength, Stamina, improves Immune System and improves Libido.

Narsinha Rasayanam also has hair nourishing herb Bhringraj, thus stop greying of hair. It is very useful anti ageing tonic.  Its also helps in weight Gain, Reduce Stress, Improve Memory, Improve Fertility, prevent Osteoarthritis, Improve Digestion and to help with Gynaecological Issues.

Take 1 tablespoon of it with warm milk before going to bed daily.

You can also take Patanjali Swarn Shilajit to give extra boost.




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350gm Tub of Vaidyaratnam Narsimha Rasayan
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