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Tripurari Amritadi Guggulu Tablets



Amritadi Guggulu or also known as Amrutadi Guggul or Amruta Guggul or Guggulu is used in the treatment of Arthiritis, Gout, Haemorrhoids etc.  It is quite useful in Weight Management or Obesity Management.  Amruta means Guduchi or Giloy, is a potent Immuno-stimulant and Gum or Guggulu are key ingredients of it.

Amritadi Guggulu is also useful in Peripheral Vascular Insufficiency, helps reduce Cholesterol and it detoxifies blood.

This medicine can upset stomach of those with sensitive stomach. Therefore people with IBS, Muscular Dystrophy, pregnant and lactating ladies and children below age of 12 should avoid this medicine.

Always consult an Ayurvedic Doctor before taking any Ayurvedic medicine.

Abhayrishta can be taken along with it to help with Haemorrhoids or Fistula.  Mahamanjishtadi Kadha or Nimbadi Kashyam in case of non-healing wounds or Vasculitis etc.




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Tripurari Amritadi Guggulu Tablets
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