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Patanjali Amla Candy 250gm-Clearance-Exp-Nov,2023


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Patanjali Sweet Amla Candy 250gm-  Amla Candy helps in maintaining good health and cures diseases of patients. Vitamin C is abundant in this product.  It is the refined state of Amla Murabba thus can be taken daily as a supplement and to improve digestion.

In India, there is old tradition of presenting edibles and drinks to any guest. Keeping this tradition in mind, we are preparing candy and jellies of `aola`, carrot, vine fruit and apples. The process is based on age-old formulae been prepared by the seers and the latest technology. The objective is to give health along with the taste to the people.

We also have Chatpata Candy , which is Salty and Tangy in taste instead of Sweetness, thus suitable for Diabetics.

We do have Amla in Powder form and Amla Juice, as well.

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